'Mobile phones have killed photography' - Wim Wenders

The trouble with iPhone pictures is nobody sees them. Even the people who take them don’t look at them any more.
— Wim Wnders

I know, I know..."Old man yells at clouds," but I think he's got a point. I do wonder if he's confusing capital-P Photography with ordinary snapshots. Snapshots today are meant to be ephemeral. The trouble is that if all you take are ephemeral snapshots, you'll end up with nothing and that would be a shame.

My daughter thought I was silly when I begged her to keep all those envelopes of drugstore prints. "Just throw them in a box," I said. She rolled her eyes but did. Now, more than a decade later, I showed them to her and she squealed, "These are so cool! I remember that day!"

You don't have to save or print everything, but do print a few of your snapshots now and then. You'll thank me later.