I'm (temporarily) all digital

With all of my film gear and supplies packed in boxes, I have been shooting only with my X-Pro2 and X-100T. I understand why most everyone prefers shooting digitally. It's so fun, flexible, and easy!

I like to extol the simplicity of using film. "One needs only a light-tight box, some film, and a few inexpensive chemicals!" I say. But if I'm honest it's not that simple at all. Which film? Which chemicals? Then there's scanning. Blech! I have a bunch of different film cameras, which means a collection of lenses and accessories for each system and format. And how about that darkroom? I just packed my darkroom and it's crazy how much "stuff" is needed.

With digital I only need a camera, card, and computer! Well, and software for processing RAW files and cataloging everything. Oh, and some way of backing it all up and keeping it forever. And which software? I'm a week in to trying to go back to what I used to use.

Ok so both have their own ways of being both simple and complex. Circumstances and recency bias are helping me enjoy shooting digital for now. I'm experiencing a sense of relief in the way digital is easy. It's nice being able to snap a few shots, pop in a card, and have something to look at or share in just a few minutes.

It'll be fun while it lasts.