Giving Capture One another go

I've been here before, but I really want to cut the cord with Adobe, and Lightroom is the final obstacle.

I like Lightroom. I've been using it for years and I am comfortable. I know how to get the results I want and I have a few plugins and styles that I rely on.

But dammit, it's one subscription I wish I didn't need.

The only real contender is Capture One. I've owned Capture One for almost as long as Lightroom. I even moved everything into it a couple of times, but without success. I'm going to try again for the next month or so and see if it sticks.

Here are a few quick notes on Capture One vs Lightroom in my workflow.

  • I can't use Luminar as a plugin for Capture One, making round trips a pain
  • Capture One's UI is very customizable. I like how it looks and I like the layout.
  • I prefer Capture One's modeless editing to Lighroom's "Modules"
  • Capture One's "Process Recipes" are cool and flexible.
  • Lightroom has plugins for exporting to SmugMug, Flickr, you name it.
  • I can do a lot in Lightroom using single keystrokes where in Capture One it requires a combination, sometimes needing both hands.
  • I prefer Capture One's rendering of Fuji raw files
  • Both apps suck at dealing with metadata, which is why I still use Photo Mechanic
  • Lightroom's Photographer subscription includes Photoshop. But I hate Photoshop