A Significant Workflow Change...Again

I have always been a die hard photos-as-files-in-dated-folders guy. Every photo I’ve ever taken is something like /Photos/2018/09-September 2018/2018-09-22_a lovely photo.jpg.

Earlier this year, I tried handling iPhone and Capture One libraries separately. I decided it was a terrible mistake and reverted to the everything-in-one-place approach I’d always used.

If I trusted Google with all of my photos, this would all be fine, but I don’t, so it isn’t. I much prefer Apple’s stance regarding privacy, so I’d like to avoid using Google Photos. The problem is that I delete photos from my iPhone after importing into Capture One, which leaves me with no way to see or share my photo library when not sitting at my home iMac.

You see where this is going.

I’m once again trying that thing I’d decided was a terrible mistake.

  • I’ve enabled iCloud Photos again on all my devices

  • I’m no longer importing photos from my Phone to my meticulously organized folder structure

  • I’m exporting my non-iPhone favorites from Capture One and importing them into Photos

One of the struggles I had previously with this workflow was keeping track of which files I’d sent from C1 to Photos. I created a smart collection to help. It looks like this…


I also created a process recipe in Capture One to save full-resolution JPGs to ~/Desktop/Export/Apple Photos.

Here’s how I’m dealing with copying Capture One photos to Photos.

  • View the smart collection in C1

  • Select all photos and hit Process.

  • Add a Purple color label to all the processed photos

  • Drag the exported photos from the Finder to Photos

  • Delete the exported photos from the Apple Photos folder

The benefits are that now I’m not importing, culling, captioning, and renaming all the photos I shoot with my iPhone. I now have (nearly) all of my photos available and easily sharable on all my devices. I benefit from things like Faces and Memories in Apple Photos and I don’t have to use Google Photos at all.

The drawback is that I once again have two different photo libraries: Capture One and Photos. I also have to go through the trouble of exporting from Capture One to Photos. I also have a lot of photos with no way to “Reveal in Finder”, which makes me twitchy, but I may just have to get used to the idea.

My hope is that I’m not writing another blog post in six months about how I knew this was a bad idea and that I’ve gone back (again) to my old ways. Time will tell.