January 19, 2019

Now that I’ve deleted [Social Network]…

Talking about quitting things is sapping my energy.

There are of course valid reasons to stop using a service, platform, or company. I’ve deleted Facebook and LinkedIn and have stopped posting to Instagram and Twitter for many of these same reasons.

While I wouldn’t ask anyone to not tell people they’ve moved on from a social network1, I would like to see less about why they’ve quit and more about what they will do instead.

Most articles I’ve read about quitting are 90% rationale and 10% about what’s next. I’d prefer to see that reversed. Something like…

So, now that I’ve deleted Facebook… >  > [2,000 words about what I’m doing instead]

Make it about starting something rather than about quitting. I think that would be better.

  1. I’m guilty of this. Example A, Example B


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