September 18, 2018

Using Flickr for my blog images

I’m considering reversing my no external dependencies” policy when it comes to my blog. The difficulty of dealing with images when using a static site generator (e.g. Hugo) deters me from posting.

What if I used embedded Flickr photos instead? Like this…

Nikon F3Nikon F3

It’s super easy to copy a photo’s Flickr embed code and paste it into a blog post. Otherwise I have to export from Capture One, copy the file to Hugo’s image folder, copy or remember the filename, and then create a markdown image link in the post. I’ve got this somewhat automated, but still.

Embedding images has the benefit of making Flickr into a sort of CDN. Plus, the images can’t get lost when I inevitably shuffle things around.

But there’s of course one really solid argument against doing this, and that is: What if Flickr goes away?” It’s a great point, and one I’ve used to convince myself not to embed photos for about fifteen years now. I think maybe it’s safe. Besides, if something should happen to Flickr, I bet I’ll be able to export everything and do some regular expression jiggery pokery to fix it all up.

I think I’ll try it for a while.

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