December 29, 2018

TiddlyWiki is like Tinderbox in a browser

I remain fascinated by wikis in general and [TiddlyWiki][1] in particular. At Fusionary we use [Confluence][2] and [Gitlab wikis][3]. I’ve had a number of false starts over the years with TiddlyWiki, but a recent realization has helped me take a serious run at it. (Cue sound of several pieces clicking together)

TiddlyWiki is very much like [Tinderbox][4], but in a browser.

They both…

  • Manage a collection of notes * Can automatically collect notes based on various criteria * Allow for different visualizations * Offer flexible searching options * Contain their own macro language * Allow for custom metadata for individual notes

While they certainly don’t offer a 1-to-1 set of features, realizing the similarities has given me an idea for how I can use TiddlyWiki for more than just an occasional experiment. Finally!

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