February 10, 2018

Think Before Ranting

The first draft of my earlier [rant about images on blog posts][1] used the following screenshot as an example:

Andy sparks header imageAndy sparks header image

The screenshot is of a [Medium post by Andy Sparks][2] about his new service, [Holloway][3], (which looks awesome, by the way).

Poking around the Holloway site, I found the [About page][4], on which was the photograph from the Medium post, with the following caption:

A holloway is an old English term for a sunken lane arising from centuries of use.

Whoops. While I still don’t think the image was necessary, it’s certainly not irrelevant. So I guess I’m saying that it’s wise to do at least a modicum of research before complaining about something. I’m glad I changed the post before publishing, but it was a reminder to be careful what I bitch about and how I bitch about it. Also, maybe I should take my own advice about just not ranting at all.

[1]: https://jack.baty.net/2018/maybe-your-blog-post-doesnt-need-that-2000-pixel-header-image/ [2]: https://medium.com/@sparkszilla/introducing-holloway-reliable-in-depth-knowledge-a560b3425ef7 [3]: https://www.holloway.com/ [4]: https://www.holloway.com/about

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