May 20, 2018



I’ve been testing Syncthing as a replacement for Dropbox and so far it’s been great.

I am currently syncing over 25,000 files in 5 directories across two Macs and one Linux machine. It has worked nearly without a hitch. I say nearly” because after changing the case of a few filenames those now show as out of sync”. They synced fine but show as unsynced. I assume this is due to case-sensitive vs case-insensitive file systems. I’ll need to figure this out but it’s more an inconvenience than a problem1.

I’m still using Dropbox for things I’m sharing with others, and probably always will, but for things I don’t want anywhere near a cloud”, Syncthing seems like a perfectly fine solution.

  1. The case-insensitive rename issue is known and tricky to solve.

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