August 29, 2018

Setapp or Not?

As I was reviewing my growing list of software subscriptions, I remembered Setapp. I’ve been subscribed to Setapp since launch. I like the idea of Netflix but for apps”. Access to a large and growing list of useful apps for ten bucks a month is pretty great.

But is it worth it to me? Let’s see.

Apps I regularly use

  • Forklift * Marked * Ulysses * BusyCal * Renamer * CleanMyMac * iStat Menus * Permute * TaskPaper * Sip * Flume * Squash * Timing

Apps I occasionally or might use

  • Aeon Timeline * Bartender * BetterTouchTool * Declutter * Downie * Gemini * Gifox * Merlin Project Express * Netspot * NotePlan * Numi * Paw * Screens * WiFi Explorer

I’d say that settles it. Nearly 30 apps I either use often or only need occasionally for $10 a month makes it a no-brainer. I don’t even need to do the math on how much just the regularly-used apps would cost me. Also, Setapp regularly adds new apps, so the value continues to increase over time.

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