June 30, 2018

Luminar, Skylum, DAM — Skylum

[It’s time: Re-think your post-processing workflow][1]:

Have you ever seen an Apple TV remote? It has three buttons on it. Compare that to the old-fashioned, TV remote with 60 or more buttons. That’s the kind of direction we want to take at Skylum. Simple should remain simple.

I really like Skylar’s [Luminar][2] for editing photos and have been eagerly awaiting their DAM solution, but referencing the Apple TV remote in a positive way like that gives me pause. The Apple TV remote sucks. I get their point about simplicity, but simplicity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Adobe is trying the simple route with Lightroom CC and it’s useless to me. On the other hand, Luminar is a pretty simple editor and I find that it works great for many things.

What I want is a solid, full-featured DAM and editor at a reasonable, subscription-less price. I’m cheering for you, Skylum.

[1]: https://skylum.com/blog/its-time-rethink-your-postprocessing-workflow [2]: https://skylum.com/luminar

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