May 20, 2018

Let’s try using ox-hugo again

Last year, while looking for ways to create a blog using Org-mode, I ran across ox-hugo. It was clever, but I was uncomfortable with yet another layer of abstration between the source text and the rendered HTML. I may have gotten over that fear.

I’m slowly standardizing on using org-mode files for all of my writing. I’ll hate myself for this if I ever decide to stop using Emacs, but I’ll deal with that then.

Hugo has org-support built-in, but it only supports a subset of org-mode’s features. For example, URLs or org-formatted links in footnotes are not rendered as links in the final HTML files.

Ox-hugo works via the standard org-mode export dispatcher. The result is rendered as a normal Hugo Markdown file. This means that if I decide to stop using Org-mode for blog posts, or even move to another markdown-based site builder, all of my posts are still there and usable as-is.

Another nice feature is that all of my posts are in a single org-mode file, one subtree per post. I like this because I don’t have to create a properly-formatted markdown file in a specific folder in order to create a post. I just set the EXPORT_FILE_NAME property and ox-hugo takes in from there.

Of course I’m using a handy capture template, as provided by the ox-hugo docs. This lets me type C-c c h to quickly create a new draft post.

``emacs-lisp (with-eval-after-load 'org-capture (defun org-hugo-new-subtree-post-capture-template () "Returnsorg-capture’ template string for new Hugo post. See org-capture-templates' for more information." (let* ((title (read-from-minibuffer "Post Title: ")) ;Prompt to enter the post title (fname (org-hugo-slug title))) (mapconcat #'identity( ,(concat * TODO title) :PROPERTIES:” ,(concat :EXPORT_FILE_NAME:” fname) :END:” %?”) ;Place the cursor here finally ”)))

(add-to-list org-capture-templates’(“h” ;org-capture' binding + h "Hugo post" entry ;; It is assumed that below file is present inorg-directory’ ;; and that it has a Blog Ideas” heading. It can even be a ;; symlink pointing to the actual location of! (file+olp” Blog Ideas”) (function org-hugo-new-subtree-post-capture-template)))) ```


All subtrees marked as TODO are considered to be drafts. Toggling the status to DONE sets draft = false” and also sets the publish date to the current time.

Tags are set just like normal org headings (e.g. tag1:tag2”).

Being able to directly publish to my Hugo-based blog while still living in an Org-mode is pretty sweet.

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