August 19, 2018

Emacs vs Vim vs None Of The Above

BBEdit for years. Then Vim for years. Then Emacs for years. In between I’ve used just about every editor there is. I love them all.

Emacs is everything anyone could ever want in an editor, and more. It’s the more” part that gets you. At some point this weekend I realized I had spent nearly two hours trying to dial in Emacs window behavior and failed. Even if I had succeeded, it was still two hours I could have been doing something else.

Something else like play with NeoVim, maybe? 🙂

Oh for crying out loud. I had almost forgotten that I was actually using NeoVim instead of Vim but never completely finished getting things set up. Spent the morning working on it before realizing that I was doing the just a few more tweaks and it’ll be perfect” thing again. I also wanted to see what the NeoVim GUI landscape was looking like these days so I tried Oni, and VimR and…

By about 10:00am this morning I had gotten so frustrated with myself that I gave up and decided to use neither Vim nor Emacs for a while. I need a break from myself.

I don’t edit code much, so what I really want is a place for writing and taking notes. If I keep everything in Markdown I can use any number of apps interchangeably. Right now it’s looking like some combination of [iA Writer][1] for writing, [BBEdit][2] for text/code editing, [The Archive][3] for research and miscellaneous notes, and [Agenda][4] for project notes.

Everything changes.

[1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:

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