October 22, 2018

Dark Mode isn’t for me

I’m not a person who normally uses dark themes, but with all the hoopla around Dark Mode in Mojave I thought I should try it for a month and see if I liked it as much as everyone else seemed to.

Nope, I don’t like Dark Mode.

I guess one person’s eye bleach” is another person’s proper contrast and color” 🙂

When I switched back to Light Mode (or Normal Mode” as I like to call it), I felt a sense of relief. Dark Mode just felt too heavy-handed.

Mac apps already tend to look very similar. There’s a list of things in a sidebar on the left, detail on the right. Sometimes something else in the center. Dark Mode seems to make this worse. Mail, DEVONthink, MarsEdit, etc. all seem to blend into a single pile of exactly the same-looking things. Also, small dialog windows tended to get lost for some reason. I’d think a file copy was finished but nope, the progress window was just difficult to see.

Anyway, I’m happy for all the people who’ve been looking forward to a system-wide dark mode, but I’ll be keeping it light.

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