July 14, 2018

A Remaining Problem with Title-less Posts

When showing title-less posts in the archives, I would prefer to show the first few words of the post rather than nothing. Is there an easy way to do that?

UPDATE 2018-07-15: I ended up making a child theme and hooking into the simple-yearly-archive plugin, which I’m using for the archives page.

The only catch is that the plugin doesn’t include the post content column in the query so I had to edit the actual plugin query to include the column and also pass the entire $post object in the sya_the_title hook. I’ll have to watch out for updates, as they’ll overwrite this. Or I’ll just need to fork it.

add_filter( 'sya_the_title', 'my_sya_filter_title', 10, 2 );

function my_sya_filter_title( $title, $post ) { return $title == ’ ? jab_truncate(strip_tags($post->post_content)) : $title; }

function jab_truncate($string,$length=50,$append=“…”) { $string = trim($string);

// break at word if(strlen($string) > $length) { $string = wordwrap($string, $length); $string = explode(“”, $string, 2); $string = $string[0] . $append; }

return $string; }

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